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Academy of EV Technology (AEVT) and mother organization "Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust" is a non-profit educational institute working for entrepreneurs and innovators in India who want to participate in the design, development, and marketing of electric vehicles supply requirements and electric vehicle technologies. Bridging the gap between education, skills & employ ability is the main moto of "Academy of EV Technology" a unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust (GATE Trust). India should have a youthful and dynamic population, But required skill development. GATE Trust, an ed-tech startup, caters to this by a platform with Workshops, class room training and mentor-ship by industry experts. AEVT family believe in "learn-through-Practical".

Transportation is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 23per cent of energy-related GHG emissions.Electric vehicle technology, on the other hand, has the potential to substantially reduce GHG emissions as well as air pollution. Indian Government has launched Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME) and extension of its support for EVs came through Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India (FAME-II) scheme has catered $1.4 billion in subsidies over three years for electric buses, three-wheelers and four-wheelers in 2019-20. With this shift, India can become a global provider for economically viable and accessible clean mobility solutions.

The electric vehicle segment is a big opportunity for Indian manufacturers and they should look at not only producing such models for domestic market but also exports, Niti Aayog Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Kant said.

All business ideas start with the demand from the consumer or the user of that particular product. EV charging station business is the growing count of electric vehicles. There is a door for entrepreneurs like you all to pool in money and invest in this electric vehicle stations. As the count increases, the need for these electric stations will tremendously increase.To make it even more specific, the number of these charging centers should be more than the manufacturing units of these electric vehicles. IHS Automotive forecasts the global EV charging stations installation is expected to grow more than 12.7 million in 2020 (Kosior, 2015). This is a good opportunity to existing retailers to tap on the rising EV market through strategic partnership/collaboration. Partnerships between the likes of Sun Mobility and Ashok Leyland coming together, and the electric mobility service venture SmartE, partnering with Mahindra Electric to include 10,000 of Mahindra's electric three-wheelers across its operations in India by 2020, showcases a trend towards teamwork between start-ups and larger organizations.

If you want to start your own electric vehicle charging station business then grab this opportunity at the earliest as possible. The competition in this business is very low as compared to others.

The government has circulated the EV charging policy, seeking comments and suggestions from different departments and ministries. Power and New & Renewable Energy minister R K Singh when asked whether individuals would be able to use the facility on a commercial basis, said, "Absolutely you don't need a license".
For an entrepreneur, it is very important to have complete knowledge about the business they want to invest in. In includes even the technical aspect of the service. Though you are not the ones who design it, you should know about the process and working to make the optimum use of your money. You can join at AEVT ( ) EV Technology and Business management - Techno-Commercial training.

Sub-sectors Acting as the Starting Point

Battery Level Innovations: Innovations at the core of the battery, and areas impacting its performance are key elements that will significantly improve the adoption. This is primarily to overcome range anxiety. Improved performance will directly lead to increased operational feasibility. Cost of manufacturing and setup are primary considerations for adoption and increased productivity. In order to improve unit economics, a core value chain needs to be constructed, providing test beds for ventures to pilot their innovations in a controlled environment.

Business and academia from India and around the world looking to collaborate to develop EV technology. We can connect you.

Anyone who is interested in creating, recruiting, or working of hot new electric vehicle startups in India should join with AEVT. Also, any electric vehicle (EV) car company, equipment supply company, engineer is welcome to join and share ideas about entrepreneurial quality and motivation and business venture. Inventors and innovators are also welcome to join AEVT and learn/network/and grow their ideas. Academy of EV Technology and mother organization "Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust" is global platform to work together.

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